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"I create for the sheer joy of creating works of beauty"

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Welcome to Golden Pineapple Art

Welcome to the Golden Pineapple Art website and thank you for taking the time. You are one of many visitors to wonder what Golden Pineapple Art is all about.  Come and explore the gallery and enjoy the after effects of my intense labors and great fortitude.  You may be surprised to learn just how things got started.


How do I...

Get Started?

Since my youth , I have always been very creatively minded. Most of my childhood has always been about starting something new.  The most challenging part of it for me has always been about how to get started.  On a daily basis,  I am constantly plagued with the the notion: How do I get started?  In my mind, I have this vision on where I am not supposed to be, but where I want to end up.  

In time, however I always go back to the basics of human thinking.  Just have to get through this day, and something will hit me right in the right part of my creative brain spot.  If I can manage to apply this approach to my everyday creative thinking, this is how I am able to achieve these repeated sudden bursts of creativity. And it is just then and there that I realize that I overcame my biggest challenge, getting started.

About the Artist

Hello, my name is Sari. My story and journey are quite simple. It isn't flashy, but it is very dear to my heart. I have always felt an inner need to share my creativity with the world. I have no agenda, no political statement,  no grand revelation to share through my art.  The simple truth is that I create for the sheer joy of creating works of beauty. I have pictures in my mind that I absolutely must create on canvas. I'm not satisfied until they are perfectly captured.  I will admit that I have an inner restlessness about me which is one of the motivating factors that drives me to paint.  I do not feel a sense of inner balance until I begin to achieve a balance with my artwork. 

Sense of style


I enjoy working with a variety of acrylics mostly.  This type of medium suits my style and personality very well.   I generally tend to produce my abstract pieces very quickly, due to the nature of the acrylics. I also love incorporating different mediums into my artwork.  I will continue to do so as I emerge as an artist. I approach every new project with great anticipation and clarity, which allows me to keep positive about each creative journey. 

Comprehensive Ideas
Morning Surf -SOLD-
Taking Flight -SOLD-
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Our Services

Looking for that perfect piece, with  the perfect colours, size and shape?  Look no further. You will be pleased to know that in addition to my own creative processes, I offer to create commissioned pieces according to your specifications.  I invite you to collaborate with me on a design that suits your sense of style, size, colours etc.


Your home is most important to you and so should be every single piece of art you hang on your walls. Consider what you have right now, and what would compliment the style.  If you have any questions about complementary colours or style, please feel free to contact me.


Your office space is where you create, and become inspired.  And so you should be surrounded by ideas and beauty that accomplish just that.  If you have any questions about complementary colours or style, please feel free to contact me