About Golden Pineapple

Hello, my name is Sari. My story and journey are quite simple. It isn't flashy, but it is very dear to my heart. I have always felt an inner need to share my creativity with the world. I have no agenda, no political statement,  no grand revelation to share through my art.  The simple truth is that I create for the sheer joy of creating works of beauty. I have pictures in my mind that I absolutely must create on canvas. I'm not satisfied until they are perfectly captured.  I will admit that I have an inner restlessness about me which is one of the motivating factors that drives me to paint.  I do not feel a sense of inner balance until I begin to achieve a balance with my artwork. 

Sense of style


I enjoy working with a variety of acrylics mostly.  This type of medium suits my style and personality very well.   I generally tend to produce my abstract pieces very quickly, due to the nature of the acrylics. I also love incorporating different mediums into my artwork.  I will continue to do so as I emerge as an artist. I approach every new project with great anticipation and clarity, which allows me to keep positive about each creative journey. 

Comprehensive Ideas